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Family office creation

Creating an effective family office requires weighing variables like investment management concerns and concierge service needs, while also considering complex tax obligations. For instance, with the new tax legislation and a disallowance of itemized deductions, some families have structured their offices as a corporate general partner or a corporate managing member of a partnership or LLC to improve tax efficiencies. This and other business and investment issues mean the right structure can foster a thriving enterprise for current and future generations. Detailed planning is critical.

It’s the complexity of your family’s wealth — not how much wealth — that determines whether your family office requires the help of tax, wealth planning and legal professionals. Multi-generational families — or families with a trust, charitable commitments, a multifaceted investment portfolio, numerous residences, and more — can benefit from outsourcing finance management, accounting and tax services, or estate and wealth transfer planning needs including risk planning.

We help families consider whether a family office structure is the right solution. Creating an effective family office requires defining:

  • Whom the family office is for
  • Which family members it intends to serve

Its goals:

  • Manage the family office investments exclusively
  • Provide financial support services and generation wealth planning

Our tax, accounting and business management professionals know the tax ramifications and estate planning considerations specifically affecting wealthy families. By understanding your family wealth planning goals and values, we will help you plot the best path to reach your goals and objectives.

Family office services

Reid Family Office Services help affluent individuals and families manage the complexities of their personal and business finances, from the payment of routine household bills to assisting counsel with the detailed intricacies of estate planning.

We seamlessly integrate and align asset management, cash management, risk management, financial planning, taxaccounting, and lifestyle management for your peace of mind and wealth preservation in an ever-changing tax landscape.

Our services, designed to support your family office structure, include:

  • Technology solutions, from custodial account integration, electronic document management to financial record storage
  • Tax-planning strategies and preparation
  • Customized dashboards
  • Financial reporting
  • Bill paying and review
  • Document management
  • Finance and accounting outsourcing
  • Bill payment and cash management
  • Bookkeeping and record keeping for personal banking and brokerage accounts

Combining the traditional benefits of a family office and expertise and resources of a large-scale, sophisticated certified public account firm, our team functions as your family’s chief financial officer.

Family Office Services:

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