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Corporate tax planning proficiency that creates continuous value

Forward-thinking corporations recognize that comprehensive and competent tax planning helps minimize costs, fuel growth, and diminish tax liability. The corporate tax planning professionals at Reid provide expertise that enables our clients to avoid tax overpayment and capitalize on opportunities.

As highly knowledgeable and unbiased advisors, Reid offers impartial recommendations and sound solutions that can overcome potential resistance and outmoded thinking in a rapidly changing global marketplace and tax environment. We structure initiatives well ahead of the tax season to give corporations the opportunity to take full advantage of circumstances in their favor.

The most effective corporate tax planning is founded on trusted partnership. We interact with our clients as strategic collaborators who create customized and carefully crafted plans within the framework of current tax law, tax code, and tax regulation mastery.

Taxation and Planning

Help to navigate complex corporate tax environments.

Reid works with our corporate clients to plan and execute tax strategies that are focused on both the present and future preservation of profits and tax savings. While compliance is a priority, we go beyond to recommend and structure activities that legally minimize costs before tax obligations are due.

As professional and highly experienced corporate tax specialists, we offer customized taxation and planning services that create efficiencies, ensure compliance, and utilize best practices to deliver intelligence-driven, practical solutions for both domestic and international tax challenges.

Exempt Organization Tax Preparation

Helping non-profits protect their tax-exempt status.

Non-profit organizations must follow very specific revenue and expense regulations in order to maintain their tax-exempt status. Form 990 or completion and filing is a complex responsibility and requires numerous supporting documents for compliance. Reid’s trusted and highly skilled tax advisors have the experience and expertise to help tax-exempt organizations comply with changing tax laws and retain their status.

From reviewing, compiling, and filing financial statements for existing not-for-profit organizations to assisting new organizations with internal accounting set-up, training, and preparation of their Form 501 application for tax-exempt status, Reid is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations resolve their most difficult accounting challenges to achieve their greatest ambitions.

Sales Tax Compliance

Sales tax compliance service that is more than numbers.

Regardless of geographic location or size, businesses are responsible for adhering to sales tax regulations through accurate reporting, precise record-keeping, and knowledge of taxation law in every state where they operate and conduct sales. Reid’s sales tax compliance experts lift the burden of keeping up and complying with increasingly complex and changing requirements nationwide.

We understand that the sales tax compliance needs of businesses are specific and often time sensitive. Reid provides highly responsive and tailored services from sales and use tax review, registration, and compliance to collection, reporting, and remittance. Our goal is to understand and analyze your concerns, create practical solutions that fulfill your state-to-state requirements, and provide best-in-service assistance to ensure your tax records are accurate, complete, and compliant.

Tax Credits and Business Incentives

Add to your bottom line with tax credits and business incentives.

Every year the government offers tax credits and incentives to businesses as a means to encourage their growth, success, and ability to benefit the economy and society at large. Reid works with businesses of all types and sizes to help them identify and secure available credits and incentives, recover and carry forward credits from previous years, and manage their tax impact.

Since tax credits and incentives vary by state, the skilled professionals at Reid engage in continuous regulations training and research. We scour local, state, and federal government programs to locate entitlements that help business owners make timely, well-informed decisions that support their success and leverage every advantage when tax payments are due.

Audit Representation

Expert corporate audit evaluation, preparation, and defense.

It’s no time to go it alone when your business is confronted with a demand for an audit. The audit specialists at Reid have the experience and knowledge to ensure you are well prepared and well represented in the event of an Internal Revenue Service or State audit.

Rigorously adhering to Generally Accepted Auditing Standards and Government Auditing Standards, we provide patient, methodical guidance to help business owners fulfill documentation requirements to resolve federal or State financial inquiries.

We also serve as proactive financial partners, helping businesses with the design, implementation, and maintenance of robust internal controls that support their goals and reduce the potential for risk and government and regulatory interference in the future.

Tax Services:

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